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Saturday, December 7, 2013

RIdiculous Childhood Phobias: The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks scared me as a kid. I was always worried that my head would never find the neck opening. And I'd just disappear.
 It's weird what we remember from childhood.   I'm still afraid of alot of ridiculous (and not so ridiculous things), but luckily I overcame my insane fear of turtlenecks long ago.  Today, I actually wore one and I was fine.

As an adult, I discovered that turtlenecks are an absolute wardrobe staple for wintertime.  They can be worn alone or used for layering.  Versatility and warmth are definite pluses for the classic turtleneck which has been seeing a comeback in the last couple of years.  In the last few days,  temps in the Los Angeles area have been near to freezing.  So, I've put the tank tops away and brought the turtlenecks and sweaters out.

Teen Vogue Notices Young Celebs Sporting Turtlenecks:
This Fall It's All About The Turtleneck

Back in 2011, TMZ of all places, actually posted a Turtleneck Photo Spread:
Turtlenecks: The Fashion Photos (TMZ)

[Above: Diane Keaton wearing a classic black turtleneck in an ad for Chico's.]

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