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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Power Of Visual Storytelling

Katie's Journey opens on a seemingly ordinary day, but instantly sucks the audience into a little girl's psychological nightmare.  The short which premiered in 2008 was written and directed by Samuel Jørgensen, a native of Sydney, Australia.  It's a showcase of  Jørgensen  talent for visual storytelling.

 Jørgensen, who spent time in Austin, TX before going out to L.A., specializes in visual effects. His expertise shows in his own work as well as the extensive work he's done on other films-- of which there are many.

If you like kinetic energy, sci-fi, extraterrestrial beings and adrenaline-pumping movies, Singularity, an upcoming short film by Samuel Jørgensen will definitely pique your interest.  His hope is to raise enough financing to expand the short into a feature. Written content Copyright ©2013 by KLiedle

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