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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tearjerkers: Sharing Emotions With Fictional Characters

There are times when I don’t feel up to facing the world.  Times when I’m emotional and teary-eyed and the sadness of anything I’ve ever experienced casts a dark, heavy shadow in my brain. 

When I’m in that state, I certainly don’t feel like being around people yet I don’t necessarily feel like being alone either. That’s where movies come in.   To get myself out of a depressed funk, I’d like to say that I watch comedies or feel-good chick flicks. But I’m not a comedy, chick-flick sort of girl in these instances. Misery loves company, they say. And when I’m depressed, I watch depressing movies. I hate to say it, but they make me feel better about my sad, little life. Much better than a forced laugh. Trying to fake myself into a better mood by watching a comedy never seems to work.

Sometimes, emotions have to bleed out of your pores before the sunshine can flow in again. I can identify with the characters and emotional currents of a sad film to a deeper degree when those sad emotions are already churning through my veins. Although our situations may be far different, I can share my emotions and my tears with the characters on the screen. With them, I feel that I’m in good company—even if I’m crying alone. On my sofa. On a Friday night. 

Movies That Make Me Cry (in no particular order):

It may be the nostalgia, but Deschanel's cinematography alone is magical enough to make me cry.

Like Crazy (2011)
Two people in love whose lives just can't get into synch.  It's tears me up inside because I know what that's like.

Elegy (2008) 

Cinema Paradiso (1988)
Beaches (1988)
Beaches is arguably a “chick flick” in many peoples’ books. I take offense to the term chick flick.  I believe it demotes some beautiful films purely because they tell emotional, female-centered stories. It shouldn’t be that way, but then again, Hollywood’s still an Old Boys’ Club. 

The Impossible (2012) 
Fairly certain that almost no one saw this.  Starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, it's a beautiful film about a natural disaster. 

The Wrestler (2008)
The Artist (2011)
When all seems lost, these two characters find a way to meet in the middle.  And they end up together in the end.  A sad film that brightens in the end-- like seeing a rainbow after the storm, only it's all in black-and-white.

Ghost (1990)
If there's any film that makes me want to believe in the supernatural, an after-life, and the hope for everlasting love, it's this one.

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