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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tig Notaro: From Working Comedian To "Semi-Famous"

I first read about Tig Notaro in LA Weekly.  A few months later, she appeared in a profile article in ELLE MagazineIt was the ELLE article where I first read of Notaro's laughably heart-wrenching year that strangely led to a goldmine of comedic material.  It all came to a forefront when Notaro made an appearance at Largo (here in Hollywood) shortly after she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer.  

A working comedian, but by no means a household name, Notaro's performance that night made waves throughout social media.  Aided by Louis C.K.'s reverence for her work [he'd been at Largo that night], Tig Notaro is now seemingly everywhere.  After a year like she had, she deserves nothing but good fortune.  

Once I became aware of her, I sought out Tig Notaro's comedy.  I really appreciate her uniqueness.  She brings a darkly comedic style to her material all the way down to her mannerisms.  The above clip from Conan is a good example of her wry signature style.  

Side note: Two out of the three places featured in the clip are close to where I live.  I've made copies of scripts at NoHo Copy and Paty's is instantly recognizable to anyone who lives in the area.  My headshot is not on the walls.

Footage from Conan via YouTube
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