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Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Flicks Of Interest

This time of year usually marks the beginning of a dead zone at the cineplex.  The holidays are a distant memory, award season is drawing to a close, and summer blockbusters are still months away. 
Traditionally, later winter / early spring was considered a dumping ground for marginal films without much critical or box office potential.  However, as I look at the slate of films to be released in the next several months, I see several upcoming releases that pique my curiosity, inspire me, touch my romantic side, or tickle my funny bone.  Here they are (in order of release date):

TABU (Trailer above)
Tabu follows the story of a dying woman who enlists help from her maid and neighbor to find a long lost love "with whom she shares a secret pact."  I'm intrigued by the sense of romance, mystery, and heartbreak.  (Directed by Miguel Gomes, B/W, Portuguese with English subtitles)

I don't imagine this is going to win awards, but the story of a man tracking down the woman who stole his identity sounds like a payback comedy I can root for.  Add Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau and Amanda Peet to the mix and you can almost guarantee you'll have fun.
(Directed by Seth Gordon / Universal Pictures.  Release Date: February 8, 2013)

Taking your parents hostage is something every wronged teenager has probably fantasized about at some point or another.  When I learned the girl feels "wronged" because her parents missed her jump-roping competition, I was hooked by the hilarity of such a premise.  If it's both dramatic and comedic, it could very well be the jump-roping version of Whip It. 
(Directed by Benjamin Epps / Arc Entertainment.  Release Date: March 29, 2013)

ROOM 237
In the documentary realm comes Room 237, a film which dissects Stanley Kubrick's esteemed horror film, The Shining, as told by five cinephiles obsessed with the film.  
(Directed by Rodney Ascher / IFC Midnight)

Biopics can sometimes go terribly wrong, but I have high hopes for this one about baseball player Jackie Robinson.  I've always been a baseball fan and it's about time that Robinson's story made it to the big screen.  Thank God that Warner Brothers had the insight to cast relative unknown, Chadwick Boseman as Robinson.  A star in such a role would be far too distracting.
(Directed by Brian Helgeland / Warner Brothers.  Release date: April 12, 2013)

And here comes the first of many projects about Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs.  (Another Jobs movie is currently in development at Sony Pictures.)  jObs, however, follows Steve Jobs in the early start of his career-- the frustrations, the inspirations, the conflicts, and all the defining moments that became the core of the Apple we know today.  Ashton Kutcher starts as Steve Jobs in a rare dramatic role for the actor.  Also starring Dermot Mulroney.
(Directed by Joshua Michael Stern / Open Road Films.  Release date: April 2013 TBA)

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