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Monday, February 18, 2013

Five Things I Just Don't Get

I want to like anime.  I'm totally into Japanese language and culture and I dig the style & exaggerated features of anime characters.  That said, I don't understand the enormous popularity of it.  The cutesy-ness of it, the stories... they do nothing for me.

Up until about a year ago, I was blissfully unaware of what a Kardashian was.  I thought it was a bonus word which might come in handy someday, but now I know that "Kardashian" has very little to do with intelligence.  I still can't tell any of the sisters apart; I don't even know how many sisters there are.  With their increasing empire and unfortunate influence on American culture however, Kardashians are becoming harder to avoid.  [It helps that I don't have cable.]

Under the regime of President Mohamed Morsi, a Cairo court recently ordered a TV channel off-the-air because it broadcast belly dance clips.  These belly dance clips were deemed "sexually explicit" and in direct violation to strict Islamic standards which require women's bodies to be entirely covered except for their faces.  I'm no expert, but didn't belly-dancing originate in Egypt and Turkey?  Hasn't belly-dancing been around for eons?  Like since Mesopotamian times?

On a lark, I checked out this TLC series about people with unbelievably odd addictions.  There's the woman who eats toilet paper like popcorn, the ventriloquist who can't go anywhere without her puppets, and the woman who can't fall asleep without having a running blowdryer on the bed next to her.  

I've seen enough episodes now to wonder about things like: why didn't they pair the woman addicted to "collecting rocks" in the same episode with the woman addicted to "eating rocks"... seems like a win-win solution there.  Privately, I also wonder why I'm strangely addicted to My Strange Addictions.  Is there a cure for that?

Why does it seem like every other week there's a cover story about the proliferation of violence in entertainment and the media?  Just this last week, The Los Angeles Times devoted the front pages of both the Calendar section and the Arts & Music section to this very topic.  I skipped reading both stories. How can there be any more to say about this topic?  It's the week before the Academy Awards!  Isn't there anything else entertainment-related to report?  

I'm not saying that movies, video games and television content aren't violent.  I'm just getting tired of the constant "blame game."  [I think violence in America has more to do with what's lacking in our culture than what people are watching on their TV screens.]

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