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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Put On A Happy Face

I've been MIA the past several days working on Last Comic Standing ( doing locations). Sunday was the mother of all days this all of us worked a 22-hour day.

I was able to do some writing on the set that day, here and there, but sometimes that's difficult because although you could have a good chunk of down time, you must be ready to bolt at any given time. In other words, if something comes up, you've gotta be on it pronto. It's the old case of hurry up and wait, well known in the entertainment business.

On the up side, the creative juices really start to flow after indulging in coffee and tea--and then following it all up with Diet Coke chased down with Red Bull. I really try to avoid bombarding my body with such extremes, but then again, that's how I get through a 20+ hour day. Every production day is like at least three "human days." It's like living your life in dog years. I was evidently determined to be the Last Human Standing.

I finally caught up with my e-mail from the last 2 weeks--just in time to find two additional "passes" from scripts and projects I'm shopping around. I'm excited to add these rejections to my collection. No, seriously, I am--- I'm moving up in the writer's world. I used to be ignored entirely, but now at least people are taking the time to respond. In fact, some have gone so far as to compliment positively ( and in detail) as well as state specifically why they are passing. More often than not, the "pass" has had very little to do with the actual writing. I'm starting to get some of the most encouraging rejections I've had yet!

"Put on a happy face", I tell myself, "it only takes one Yes."

*Photo in the post by Jean Says*

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