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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I'm ok" --Two eternal minutes of horror

The following is the original text e-mail that my pen friend Leyla sent me last week to let me know that she was ok after an 8.0 earthquake hit, 90 miles from where she lives in Lima, Peru.

Hearing an account from someone who went through it is both powerful and emotionally wrenching...

August 16, 2007

How r u? Im fine (thanks to God) with Lennie (my sister)...I have been all this time very busy in my company working a lot with Lennie and yesterday was a caotic time for all my people cos was 2 eternal minutes of horror. Too many houses, and some church and hotel are destroyed, many people is dead and in this moment all the citizens of Lima and outside the capital are very afraid about a second eartquake. The international help is coming to Peru
incluiding The United States and all the world stay with Peru right now.

I was afraid of my building and the life of the people in the company and we
in order went outside with calm but the move was very wildly, I felt the
floor like a "zig zag" in this moment I thought "we´ll die".

Well, I must to go, thank u so much for your worry about me.
Kisses. I´ll mail soon.


To learn more and to help those devastated by the earthquake in Peru, please visit:

World Vision
The Red Cross
Peru Food Blog: How You Can Help

*Photo Credit of Downtown Lima, Peru: Destino Peru

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