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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Pacific Wild West

Two Sundays ago, I briefly got onto the Hollywood Freeway/101 for my commute to work on Last Comic. I was on the 101 for the grand equivalent of one exit length when I noticed the telltale flashing ACCIDENT sign positioned on the shoulder of the road and traffic suddenly starting to back up BAD…as in L.A. bad.

I immediately breezed off onto the Cahuenga Pass ( my favorite freeway avoidance path) and looked back toward the freeway in horror to see the most grotesque accident pile-up I’d ever seen up close! Highway Patrol cars were everywhere, debris was scattered for miles, and cars were thrown about like toys…One car I saw ( a white Toyota Corolla ) was on the median, facing the wrong way and completely sheered in half! Those are the things you shouldn’t see, but the things that certainly put life into perspective and make you that much more thankful for your next breath.

It also got me thinking about how L.A. is still kind of like the Pacific version of the Wild West in many ways. I’ve seen many instances of this “up-close-and-more-personal” than I’d care to admit with number one SCARY being a car accident of my own on another Sunday about 2 years ago...( more about that at

*Photo credit to Edward B.*

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