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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vintage Preservation

Over the long, July 4th holiday, I did quite a bit of cleaning and clearing out. I lugged piles of clothes to Crossroads Trading Co. on Ventura Blvd. for consignment--only to have them turn away every last article. So last year...I guess. Then, I was forced to pack up all the clothes again and head to the thrift store, Out of the Closet--only to find out that the location nearest me was closed, as in GONE! Grrr.... I finally succeeded with a drop-off at Salvation Army, but by then, I was no longer in a charitable mood; I was biting my lip and trying hard not to hiss at people.
While further clearing out the garage, I thought about a framed, vintage movie poster I got several years ago. Then, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure where it was. I scoured the garage, our entire place, and started to panic. Did someone walk off with it? Did it make it through all my moves? After nearly giving up, I finally found it up in one of the storage cabinets--covered in a layer of nasty dust, but otherwise perfectly preserved.

It is a poster print of the silent film, The Fleet's In, starring Clara Bow. Purchased by a friend of mine at a silent auction, the poster was a completely unexpected gift in the first few months after I'd moved to L.A. After finding it again, I decided to do a little investigation of my own since my poster and I were going to get re-acquainted and all...

The poster was leased to the Unique Theatre in Wisconsin in 1929 by the Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation ~ a production company that operated circa 1927-1929. I couldn't find out much about the Unique Theatre, but one mention stated that the site of the original theatre is now a bowling alley which I find quite sad. My investigation also led me to another site called Cinema Treasures which can be found at

Included on their site is a list of vintage theatres ( past and present) around the U.S. Many of them, like the Unique Theatre, have closed or otherwise been demolished. I'm all about progression and modernism, but certain things should be preserved. When it comes to motion picture history, I get a little sentimental. Luckily, I own a small piece of that history. Through all the years, my Clara Bow poster's probably been through more moves than I have and it's still trucking along... and Clara's still smiling.

You won't find my poster, but reproductions of the The Fleet's In posters, are available at
All Posters.

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