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Sunday, July 15, 2007

La-La-La Bamba and the Magic Mystery of the Netflix Queue...

Recently someone asked me to make some recommendations for their Netflix queue. They had subscribed to the service not that long ago - and apparently- they had run out of movies! OK...seriously, how does that happen?

And does that happen? I mean, to anyone else or is this some isolated incident?

It's certainly not something that's ever happened to me. There's also currently 80 movies in the queue. I'm really trying not to add anything new until we get that pared down a little. Half the time I don't even know what's coming in that little red envelope.

We also only get one movie at a time which is dirt cheap and fits our sometimes crazy work hours and creative lifestyle. Which brings me to another thing I often wonder: Who are these people that get 8 Netflix movies at a time? Do they have jobs? Or is it that they have ten kids or something? In that case, well then, yes, I could see maybe running out of movies...but still--

Our movie tastes are "all over the map" and I keep track of every movie we see, Netflix and otherwise ( in my little planner). From 2006~ the standouts were:

~Mildred Pierce
~Diabolique --1955 original French version, Dir: Henri-Georges Clouzot ~ I've seen it many, many times!
~The Butterfly Effect
~Thank You For Smoking
~An Inconvenient Truth

Guilty Pleasure:
~La Bamba --Come on! It's a good story ~ and the moment they flip for who gets to take the plane always gets me...

~ The Weatherman -- Nicolas Cage/Hope Davis super-quirky dramedy ~ Netflix actually sent this on accident and it ended up being better than the movie we'd originally intended ( I know it was better since I can no longer remember what that original movie was...)

~Dreamgirls -- You can call me a snot, but I just didn't see the wonder and amazement that other people saw in this movie. The music was good and kudos to Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy et al...but that constant singing and showiness got a little tiring for my tastes.


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