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Monday, July 23, 2007

Alternative Sources Of Income

A Bout About Blogging

When I began this blog, a friend of mine excitedly exclaimed, “Welcome To The Blogosphere!”

I was already a writer, but blogging was uncharted territory-- an entirely different animal than anything I’d done before. I was hopeful about this new blog, albeit a little nervous at first. Would I be able to keep up? Could I come up with enough content? Would my content even be interesting? At first, the enormity of the entire blogging community overwhelmed me. But fear of the unknown has never stopped me before. In fact, the challenge continues to both motivate and intrigue me.

Although, I didn’t think that I would dive into blogging nearly as much as I have in the last few months. However, this blog has been a nice venture away from my other writing. Through blogging, and networking through other blogs, I’ve also discovered alternative sources of income that I never would have known about otherwise. Alternative sources of income are what writers like myself need to keep us going while we peddle our writing…a tough job in and of itself.

Just recently, I finally qualified for the site: When I first learned about, my blog was too young to qualify. (You’ve got to be up and running for at least 3 mos. and have a minimum number of posts.) Yet, I remained really excited about it and kept a memory of them in the back of my mind for the day when I did qualify.

I love writing anyway and the idea of getting paid for posts that I would write anyway seemed like a fabulous idea…and well, it is a fabulous idea.

Through Payperpost, you never get forced into hawking lame products just to make $. You just peruse their opportunities to find something that you’d like to write about. You submit your post, get it approved, and BOOM! there’s money in your Paypal account…anything from $5.00 on up, depending on the opportunity. I've also been able to discover some websites through them that I might not have found on my own.

I’d also highly recommend registering as a content producer at They pay people to write articles for them--pretty much any topic of your choosing. I’ve had tremendous success with them so far and since I’ve certainly gotten my share of rejections for my writing along the way, it’s nice to make even a token bit of money for writing.

With either of these opportunities I’m certainly not going to be retiring early, but it’s nice to make $5.00 here, $10.00 there…along the way doing something I love to do anyway. My goal for this year was to write something every day, and I’ve accomplished that so far. I’m planning to use the bit of money I’ve made to continue to reward myself for writing. Through it all, I’ve encouraged myself to make writing not only a priority, but a daily habit.



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