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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Globalization Of Streaming Entertainment Platforms: FRANCE

In France, cinema is highly regarded as an art form and the French take it very seriously.  

They are also extremely proud of their cultural heritage and, with the globalization of pretty much everything, France is fighting to keep their distinct cultural identity intact.

Which is why, as Netflix seeks to conquer Europe with its expansion overseas, the company has been met with skepticism and fear. "Let The Carnage Begin," was the headline in Le Monde.

France has a very specific system in place to ensure that its multi-billion dollar film industry is both nurtured and protected within its own borders.  As reported in the Los Angeles Times today, French law requires that at least "40% of programming on TV and radio be made in France... And there is a strict timetable for releasing films to DVD (four months) and to broadcast TV (up to three years.)" *

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* Los Angeles Times article: Netflix Struggles To Win Over Skeptics
Written by  Chris O'Brien

France Reports On Netflix Expansion

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