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Saturday, September 27, 2014

September Issue Stand-Outs: Print Advertising

When fashion magazines publish their annual September Issues, I don't cringe when I see the number of pages devoted to ads and the minuscule amount reserved for editorial content.  The September issues of top-level fashion magazines are their largest of the year.

I've always enjoyed print advertising and fashion editorial when it's creatively well-done, tasteful, innovative, imaginative, and effective.  In fact, I thought I'd end up creating some of the very ads I so admire.  (I got a degree in advertising and journalism, but instead began working in film and tv.)

Here are some of my favorite ads
(Torn from the pages of my ELLE Magazine Sept. 2014 issue) 
(646) 649-5562

This is a simple showcase of selections from their fall/winter collection.  The photograph implies movement with playfulness.   And both the model's pose and expression are timeless.  A classy ad.

Saint Laurent Paris 

Beautiful composition and use of lighting techniques emphasize the shadows and contours of both the model and the fashions.  Just outstanding photography.

Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendel

Eye-catching, colorful and whimsical, this ad has a storybook quality that reminds me of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland as well as some of Grace Coddington's highly elaborate fashion editorial spreads for Vogue Magazine.  (**Grace Coddington is the Creative Director of American Vogue Magazine**)

Prada Candy Florale

This is a very simple ad that indulges the senses while capturing a moment of natural beauty-- all cast in the soft tones of pale pink.  It also doesn't hurt that I happen to like the scene.  The best part of perfume ads is that they're scratch n' sniff!

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