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Sunday, December 30, 2012

After A Movie Wraps

I just arrived home after being on-location for 4 months working on a feature called "Nebraska." 

When they make the final call, "That's a wrap!" everyone involved in the making of the film has mixed feelings.  Usually those feelings are a combination of elation, relief, and sadness.  I know this was true for me.  As a tribute to my fellow cast and crew members and to the collaborative process of it all, I wrote the following...

An idea, a character, a journey
A writer wishes upon a star
A director takes the wand
We all come together now

Hoping to tell a story,
Bring it to life in all its glory
Mold a script into something
Everyone can see—

Beauty and reality,
Emotion and heartbreak,
Moments that matter,
Opportunities that scattered—
In dust along a gravel road

Costumes, Construction, Art
Locations, Casting locked,
Actors become characters,
It’s more than fiction now

Black and white we see—
The shadows and the light
Truth and human failings,
Relationships worth saving

Before we know it,
The journey for us ends
Now it awaits the theater,
Awaits the crowd,
This film to share—
That will make us proud

There’s no recipe to create—
A movie with a blessed fate
Worth the heartache and the pain
We did it all together
To create this story,
Told within the frame.

© 2012 by KLiedle
All rights reserved

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