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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th: Good Intent

One post in June... that's what happens when you're caught working 75 hours in 5 days.  With an average 15-hour workday, I don't have time for much of anything else.   Busy working on the Steve Jobs movie while simultaneously in pre-production to direct an episode of "Bad Audition," a new series created by Kate Orlando Siebrasse.  Oh, and did I mention-- writing a book?  Yeah, that's happening, too.  As a result, June vanished into thin air, I'm seriously sleep-deprived and I really just wish summer was over.   Busy is good, however.  I tell myself that.

Here's to the 4th of July... and a much-needed DAY OFF for most Americans.  I know that not everyone gets a free day.  (I personally haven't had the 4th of July off-- or any holiday off-- for the better part of 3 years... thanks to a deadbeat weekend job that I {ahem} no longer have.)

When I'm home by myself, I've been known to lip-synch and dance myself silly.  I love flowing gowns and fedoras, gentlemen dressed in suits and essentially anything from the 1940s. That's why I especially enjoyed Kimbra's video of "Good Intent."

 I have good intentions to enjoy the holiday to its fullest and do absolutely nothing.

 Here's to hoping you all do the same.

** For Lyrics to Kimbra's "Good Intent"**

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