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Monday, March 5, 2012

L.A. Oddities Observed

Los Angeles is a city of unusual pairings.

By that, I don't mean ugly rock stars dating tanned, gorgeous supermodels. I mean things like the classic ROSCOE'S Chicken & Waffles. Or the first time I saw a sign in my neighborhood that said, CHINESE FOOD. DONUTS. I could walk there, but I don't.

When I have a craving for donuts (which is almost never) I don't think of the Chinese Place and vice-versa.

Initially, I thought this was a stand-alone Chinese Food Donut Shop. I couldn't imagine there would be demand for more than one, but no-- there are several in the Los Angeles area and no one really knows why. It too shall remain a mystery.

Another oddity that almost-sorta-makes-sense-in-some-strange-way is the All-Nude Strip Club that stood next door to AIDS Project/LA. I'll admit, they are related to each other, but--

I would think if you're going to a strip club, AIDS and STD reminders would be a turn-off.

Maybe that was the point. I walked by there today to discover the strip club went under, so to speak. Now they're renovating it into a banquet hall. So, you can have your wedding and birthday and/or bar/bat mitvah and treat everyone to an AIDS test next door. Sounds like a party!
In the world of movies, many things don't make sense--especially if they're directed by David Lynch or increasingly, Steven Soderbergh.

This time though, I'm talking about Project X. Released this week, it's a comedy about three teenagers that throw a birthday party that spirals out of control. What's ironic is: it's a movie about teenagers yet it's rated R so most teenagers (under 17 years of age) can't see it unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The tagline is: The party you've only dreamed about.

All those teenagers still dreaming... as they're being turned away. Hollywood must enjoy teasing them like that.

Oh, look-- it's a movie about people like you BUT you can't join the party. Not yet-- unless you bring your Mom and Dad with you. Ha, ha.
~Love, Hollywood.

In fact, most of the underage cast can't legally see their own movie. This all makes about as much sense as Chinese Food Donuts. Who is the audience for Project X, I wonder? My only guess is that it's for high school seniors (over 17) and horny old men who, having been turned away from the (aforementioned) CLOSED strip club, deposit themselves in the back row of a darkened theater. Ewww... That's L.A. for you.

Tip the world and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.
~Frank Lloyd Wright

©2012 by KLiedle

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