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Monday, October 20, 2008

Self-Publishing Success: "Once More With Feeling" Now Available!

After many hours of working on writing, drawing, layouts, and combating technical difficulties, I've learned many things about self-publishing.

Above all, I've learned that despite all the difficulties and the times when I wanted to scream and give up, the fruits of labor have been sweeter than cherry pie.

Now, I have something to show for my efforts.

Now, I know the next time will be oh, so much easier.

Now, I can say officially that my first published storybook,
"Once More With Feeling" is available for purchase at two online retailers: Createspace and Amazon

"There once was a sad girl who thought she'd never find love again..."

Fairytales can come true and love can strike more than once. "Once More With Feeling" is a storybook romance about second chances.

"Once More With Feeling," Written by Kendra Liedle. Illustrations by Scott Vogel and Kendra Liedle.

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