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Monday, October 27, 2008

Farewell, My Dear Apple...

As I look to the future, I mourn for my lost companion.  For the last 7 years, my Apple iBook has been a part of my life.  Together we've traveled through countless states and lived in three.  We've composed books, uploaded zillions of photos, surfed oceans of webpages, written three feature-length screenplays and several shorts, and typed 119 posts to this very blog.  

Two days ago, my "Little Mac" started having problems.  She was having memory issues  and difficulty recharging.  When her battery gave out, she lapsed into a self-induced coma.  Her indicator light pulsated like a heartbeat ready to give out at any last moment. 

My Apple iBook lasted all 7 years on one battery which must be some sort of record.  She endured a keyboard replacement "surgery" a number of years ago after I spilled water on her and had to rush her to the Mac Emergency room.  Five years ago, my negligence caused her to be thrown from the roof of a vehicle.  To my astonishment, she went back to work the very next day-- with only bumps and bruises.

Last night, I made the painful decision to take her off life support.  Her adaptor was the only thing keeping her alive.  

Going along with Little Mac's wishes as well as mine, we've chosen to donate her "organs" (applications.)  They will be received by the Macbook Pro I just purchased TODAY.

So, goodbye Little Mac... I'll always remember you and the time we spent together all those years.

And Mac Pro?  We're just getting acquainted with each other this afternoon, but I'm excited for our future together.  May it last at least the next 7 years...

P.S. I promise to be more careful this time around.

Copyright 2008 - KLiedle

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