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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caffeine Content: The Cliff Notes

In looking over my statistics over a period of many months, it appears that more than a few people find my site by searching for the caffeine content of various foods and beverages. For all of those people, there is an excellent chart located here

I know a little bit about coffee... I spent my time working at coffee shops not because of the pay or the snazzy uniforms [right...], but because I could always count on having personal access to a high-end espresso machine (and OK, occasional conversations with regulars such as Annette Bening, a vastly elegant woman with a beautiful spirit...and good taste in coffee.)

I could also pull a double shot of espresso anytime I wanted--shots with perfect crema in the 18-22 second range. I could make myself an iced americano on a hot day or a soy capp, dry--with little sprinkles of cinnamon on top and delicate swirls of chocolate syrup to make me feel better after a particularly rude customer. I had the power to blend an industrial-sized blender--Ridiculously made-up drinks, some good, some bad, but all caffeine overloaded.

I titled this blog, "Cocoa & Caffeine" because not only am I usually straight-up caffeinated, but I'm also a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

Dark chocolate has always been my preference ~ sweet, yet a little bit bitter at times (sort of like life--especially in the business I'm in.) Perhaps that's why so many filmmakers I've met have their own personal "espresso shot" records and can rattle off coffee-ology terms like an adopted language.

If I ever become rich enough...I'll buy myself an immaculate, professional espresso machine and have it shipped from Europe. Then, I'd sign up for a bunch of those "month" clubs: Coffee-of-the-month, Wine-of-the-month, monthly fruit boxes from Harry & David...I'd even buy bulk Vosges Cocoa and Chocolate bars without balking at the price. And when my sprees were all over...I'd feel guilty, remorseful, sick to my stomach [most probably], and very, very environmentally disappointed in myself. I'd spend the rest of my money ferociously donating money to save the rainforest and reduce my carbon footprint.

Caffeine Content:

Brewed coffee (8oz)......85 mg caffeine (avg.) / 65-120 range
Espresso (1 oz)..........40 mg caffeine (avg.) / 30-50 range
Cocoa Beverage (8oz)..........6 mg caffeine (avg.) / 3-32 range
Milke chocolate (1 oz)........6 mg caffeine (avg.) / 1-15 range
Dark chocolate (1 oz).........20 mg caffeine (avg.) / 5-35 range

*Source at link above*

Hopefully, this post helps some caffeine seekers find their answer. To the person in Marietta, Georgia that googled: face break out+cool whip... and found me:

"Sorry I can't help you with that. However, I do want to ask--how much Cool Whip are you actually eating? You know that stuff is like ingesting plastic, right? Partially hydrogenated plastic.

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