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Monday, January 28, 2008

Me, Myself, and My SELF...

Magazines may come and go, but my SELF is here for the long-haul.

For a good many years now, I've subscribed to SELF Magazine. They've never let me down. In fact, they keep on getting better. My relationship with my SELF (the magazine) is continually helping me improve my relationship with my-SELF (i.e. ME) We're both continually evolving--and for the better!

Being in Hollywood, I would be lying if I said that I was completely unaffected by the pressure to be thin, stay thin, and the US-Weeklyness micro-management of star's eating habits. The Olsen's had sushi...[Again?] Brit, with a bag of Cheetos. Gimme More...! (Uh, no...) Please.

PUH-LEEZE... I'm an adult. Yeah, sure...we're all adults. [OMG!] But deep, deep down -- we've got one eye open so we can follow the lives of others, the bodies of others, the habits of those other than ourselves. All this so we can avoid dealing with our own issues, and by God, we've all got 'em. (Yes, you...reading this right now-- You've got issues, man.)

Don't drown your sorrows with celebrity indulgence---that's like eating one too many bags of nutritionally vacant, tasteless rice cakes.

That's why I love SELF because it's a true Womens' magazine that makes me feel good about being myself, especially during those times when I don't necessarily feel good about myself. (And come on, we all have those times...)

SELF has these great forums and blogs on their website that help me realize that the little issues that bug me are way less complicated than they really need to be (and I'm not the only one out there facing them.) SELF also acknowledges the celeb-obsession that's taken hold of the mainstream, but they approach the subject in healthy terms.

"Yeah, sure...this girl's on our cover, but she ain't all perfect. She's got her issues, too."

And they are real issues, too, not "poor ZONE-delivered meal was late due to the rain" celeb issues. SELF's interviews are revealing in personal ways, but not too personal ways. They strip away the celebrity and make that person whole again in a human reality where I, as a person and a reader, can actually relate to them in non-celebrity terms and perhaps even learn a little bit.

I loved reading their articles featuring Evangeline Lilly (pictured here), Mandy Moore, Keri Russell (cover above), and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I wouldn't even consider myself to be a huge fan of those stars. I just felt like I could relate to them, some of the issues they've battled, and some of the life lessons they've learned along the way.

Anyway, check out and their nutritionist's Eat Like Me blog if you want to see what a real meal looks like...(sometimes I forget.)

And if you're still celeb-obsessed, check out their celebrity blog, Celebrity Scoop to get perspective (and for God's sake turn off ET & The Insider, we've all got lives to lead!

(And sorry, not everyone's into "up-to-the-minute-updates on Anna Nicole's little angel...")

Not that I watch those shows...PUH-LEEZE.

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