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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Film New Zealand

This will be the shortest of my posts as Im in New Zealand AND using a German keyboard to type which makes it somewhat difficult...long story. Since Ive been here I did have a chance to tour the studio facilities of South Pacific Pictures, the largest film production facility in New Zealand. They produced Whale Rider and currently film several longstanding tv series that air domestically in New Zealand... including Outrageous Fortune and Shortland Street. I will have to see if I can watch them online somewhere as neither of them air in the States. However, both shows are incredibly popular here. Shortland Street has been on the air for 15 years! Now that Im beginning to see more of New Zealand, I cant imagine why there isnt more filming here...the filming community seems to be extremely accommodating and the landscape is incredibly varied! Some parts remind me of Flagstaff, Arizona with all the pines and then other portions remind me of Scotland and Hawaii...New Zealand is such of mixture. I want to film here so I can come back!!!! So...FILM NEW ZEALAND!

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