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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Horace And Pete: Louis C.K.'s Super-Secret Show No One Saw Coming

"Basically, this is a handmade, one guy paid for it version of a thing that is usually made by a giant corporation"       --Louis C.K.  on making his new show, "Horace & Pete"

If you didn't otherwise know, Louis C.K. sent a surprise message to everyone on his email newsletter list telling them about his new super secret, no-one-knew-he-was-even-working-on-it, totally independent new series, "Horace & Pete."  The very first episode is available exclusively on his website for the good ol' C.K. $5bucks.  (Episode 2 will be $3 dollars and the rest will be $2 dollars thereafter.)  It's a business model that works for him, allows him to do whatever the fuck he wants on a shoestring budget without the interference of a studio, a network, a corporation, his parents, etc.

Because I respect the guy and I think it's a rarity to have the balls to break away and do things the hard way in exchange for creative freedom, I actually responded to his email message.  Even though it's an email newsletter sent from an info@_______ email address and most likely will never get read by anyone on his end.  I'm posting it here--not because I think anyone else gives a shit what I think, but mostly because I took the time to write it and maybe someday down the line, I'll wanna read what I wrote without having to troll through my own old emails to find it. So here ya go... And yeah, give "Horace & Pete" a shot.  It's got a great cast who are all good at keeping secrets because I don't know anyone who knew anyone that knew about this show before Louis released it to the world.  That alone, is an achievement.


Hello Louis,

Thanks for posting this!  I enjoy your email newsletters nearly as much as your shows.  You're a talented guy (goes without saying) but more importantly than that--- You do things your own way.  The best part about growing up is learning not to care what other people think.  It doesn't matter.  Pick something.  Be passionate about it. And get out there and do it! Don't let anybody say you can't. Sure, it's way harder.  Most people slug through their lives and put in their time, bitching about the stuff they wish they could do. Let's face it, that's just way easier.  Truth: most people are lazy.  Even more lack passion of any kind whatsoever.  

But you? I have nothing but respect for you. Best of luck to you and the cast & crew of "Horace & Pete."  

From another passionate person,
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