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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life's too short. Pay attention, Appreciate and Look Up Once In Awhile.

Last week, I took a bad spill on the stairs and fractured my scapula.  Not ideal.  Immensely painful. And my first thought was, "I don't have time for this." I knew I was hurt, and I should've been more concerned about that, but instead it was just that nagging thought that I don't have time for this.  Instead I was angry with my body for breaking on me...even just that tiny bit of bone that I've discovered does a whole lot more for me than I ever thought.  And I was angry with myself for being so selfish, for taking my own body and bones for granted.

We're all in a hurry these days, aren't we?  But it shouldn't be that way.  There's no reason for it to be that way.  Because our own well-being is worth far more than that.  Living our lives and appreciating beauty is worth far more than that.  Experiencing love and giving love and writing about life and talking to people, even strangers, is worth more than that.  Instead, many of us spend much of our lives glued to our computers, chained to our email and entranced by our smartphones-- as though these gadgets are our friends.

A friend posted this video today and it made me think of all this.  I'm officially on-the-mend, but last week was not an example of good luck.  The only good thing is that it's allowed me to take things slower and really appreciate the small things.

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