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Friday, February 6, 2015

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

When I was in 7th grade I had a Japanese pen pal.  Her name was Kumiko and we corresponded with each other until I graduated from high school.  Then, she simply disappeared.  In her last letter to me, she'd been stressed out, intensely studying for her college entrance exams and then nothing.  Gone...

Maybe she didn't want to write me anymore.  Maybe she didn't want to be friends afterall.  No hard feelings, but I was worried.  I wrote to her parents.  I asked them to send a note just to tell me that Kumiko was okay, but I never heard anything.  A couple of years ago I messaged the only Kumiko I thought "might" be her on Facebook, but again there was no response.  Not even a whisper.  She had simply vanished.

Although it's been years now, I like to think that maybe she's a treasure hunter, out there on some vast adventure.  That makes me smile, thinking that Kumiko is out there living her life with adventure.  Perhaps that's one reason why I intrigued to see the indie film, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter about  a Japanese girl that ventures to America on an unusual quest to find treasure.

I initially heard about the film back in 2012, shortly after we'd wrapped filming the movie, Nebraska.  It was just before Christmastime, in the dead of winter, colder than anything in Omaha.  A few of us from the crew went out for drinks, a final farewell before many of us ventured back home after months away on-location.  Growing up in Nebraska, I was looking forward to escaping and going back to Los Angeles where I've been living for the past decade or so.  In the course of that evening, however, a girl I'd met on the crew mentioned that she was leaving to do another movie for the next several months in a place even colder and harsher than Nebraska in winter.  God, I couldn't even imagine it.  The place was Minnesota.  The movie was Kumiko The Treasure Hunter.

And from the moment on, I was intrigued.  I've been looking forward to seeing it ever since and I hope that I'm able to catch the film's run here in Los Angeles.

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