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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Blank Space At Midnight

I have no shame in letting loose and rocking out to Taylor Swift.  Why not dance my little heart out??!! Truth is, I do it all the time.  No matter what responsibilities you may have or whatever stresses you might be facing, my hope is that you can forget about all of that for a moment or two and lose yourself in something.  

For me, dance is the one thing that allows me to be completely and utterly myself with no filter, no self consciousness and no worries. Find what works for you and embrace that thing, whether it's an activity or a person or your favorite movie.  Get to it now.  Life is waiting.  Happy New Year!!
#TaylorSwift #BlankSpace #HappyNewYear #Embracelife #Dancethenightaway

And here's me dancing the night away.  Celebrating the moment and anticipating a new year filled with good luck, surprises, and hopefully a fulfilled dream (or two!)


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