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Friday, January 10, 2014

Louis C.K. Proves It's Never Too Late...To Release A Film


When you get right down to it:  There are very few overnight success stories.  I would say none, but unfortunately we have reality stars that seem to come out of nowhere and body slam us with their images and likenesses.  Apart from that, even most lottery winners have been buying those tickets week after week for years before they win the jackpot.

Louis C.K. who seemingly came out of nowhere with the popularity of his FX show, "Louie" seems like an overnight success, but that is far from the truth as he himself has said:

I've had, what, two years? Probably five good years. Before that I had twenty years of uncertainty and suffering and ego destruction and poverty. All those things. That'll always outweigh the good times.  ~Louis C.K.

Louie has been toiling away as a filmmaker and stand-up comic for years now.  He first started doing stand-up (badly, he says) around the age of seventeen.  Back in 1998 though, with the help of some comedian friends, he directed "Tomorrow Night."  It premiered at Sundance and, after failing to get a distributor, faded away into obscurity.  

To prove it's never too late to release your first film ( or pay back your investors) Louis C.K. is self-distributing "Tomorrow Night" via his official website .  Being that it's now 2014, that means an incredible Sixteen Years have passed since he first completed the film. 

So, if you've missed "Louie" during its lengthy hiatus and you're curious about Louis C.K.'s first foray into filmmaking, check it out.  From the looks of the trailer, it would also help if you enjoy watching eccentric characters in odd scenarios all captured in black-and-white.  Should be interesting.

**And by the way, I believe "Louie" is set to come back to FX Networks sometime this spring.  Fingers crossed.

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