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Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Time Like The Present

The last month has been a blur and I'm hoping the next month will be a blur, too.  Because, by then, I just might get to have time for myself again. 

I've been working.  Quite a lot.  That's the reason I've been missing-in-action in the blogosphere.  I just finished work on a feature and the very next day began work on another film.  For me, it's been the film equivalent of a double-header, but this game's gonna last a whole lot longer than 9 innings.  A whole lot longer...

When you're working on a film crew, the reality is that you really don't have a life beyond the film.  That's just the way it is.  You can have your life back once the film is over.  That is, if you want it back.  A lot of people don't.  They do films; they join the circus so they can immerse themselves in fictional worlds and avoid the realities of their own lives.  Some people make a habit of this.  They have the bills, the broken relationships, and the therapy sessions to prove it.  I know I've used work as an excuse to avoid dealing with certain things in my life.   But you can't avoid life forever.  I wouldn't want to; I enjoy my life-- most of the time.  In fact, I enjoy work, too.  Even the worst days bring the best stories.  I get to witness the egos and the star treatment and eat the catering.  But it all gets old.  Yet, more often than not, it's more exciting then the ennui of my own life. 

This Memorial Day Weekend, I'm not doing much of anything and it feels fantastic!  I'm taking deep breathes and doing yoga.  I'm making brownies from scratch and eating ice cream.  I'm listening to kids playing in the pool outside my window.  I'm watching hummingbirds flutter around our lemon tree.  And I'm loving it all.  The simplicity of my own life.  In no time at all, I'll be back in the fictional world toiling away...  But my own life?  Well, that's something I get to look forward to.

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