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Friday, April 19, 2013

Are You Going To Eat That?

To the buxom blonde at Ralph's, no need to sneer at me just because I saw you put that bag of Cheetos in your cart.  I'm not judging you.  People in L.A. are always so concerned with what other people think of them.

Yes, I'm slim.  I've got a dancer's body which some people may find enviable, but I work for it.  I exercise everyday, lift weights and eat well.  I also drink a ton of water-- enough water that in an emergency, I could be your flotation device.  Enough water, that my tummy made splashing, gurgling noises.  While I was on a date. 

I do, however, like to eat.  Since I often work on film sets, I have to make a conscious effort to steer clear of the craft service table.   
I have a particular weakness for trail mix, dark chocolate, and Stacy's pita chips.  I probably drink way too much coffee.  I probably eat way too much dried fruit.  Everyone has their weaknesses.  In Bon Appetit magazine last month (yes, I'm a subscriber), Julia Louis Dreyfuss said that for her it's M&Ms and tootsie rolls.  It's the long hours and sheer boredom that drive us to cave into our comfort foods. 

Recently, I working a fashion shoot and I was dying for them to break for lunch.  Usually, this happens 6 hours after call time, but that particular day, there was no indication that lunch was imminent.  Sure, the food was ready, but no one, I mean NO ONE was eating.  The craft service table was stocked with French macaroons, toffee, a cheese platter full of Brie and other yummy soft cheeses, organic granola, and a fruit and veggie tray.  But no one was snacking either except for ME and a couple of grips.  

Between handfuls of chocolate-covered pretzels, I watched the photographer snap photos of a model as she flipped her hair over and over again.  Suddenly, they stopped.  Lunch? I thought, hopefully.  No.  Two guys rigged up a wind machine and the hair flipping continued.  For me, all that hair flipping would've caused whiplash-- especially on an empty stomach.  Lunch eventually happened.  I ate like one of the guys (which usually isn't the case), but this was a fashion shoot. 
Apparently, no one eats at these. 

Not surprisingly, the model looked unhappy.  Throughout the day, all I'd seen her consume were 5 cigarettes, a Diet Coke, and a small handful of raw vegetables.  And she didn't get to even eat the cigarettes, just smoke them.  I'd like to think she had more than that-- even a water, but somehow I doubt it.

I've overheard women in Trader Joes talk about how they're not eating.  Excuse me, but aren't you inside what is essentially a grocery store?  What are you doing here?  I want to say this because I'm here to buy food.  To eat.

P.S.  I took the rest of the chocolate-covered pretzels home with me.  They were going to throw them out anyway.

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