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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taxes: Can't A Guy Get A Little Peace And Quiet?

I remember the days when I did my own taxes.  I had this brilliant idea to do my taxes during the Academy Awards telecast every year.  I'd challenge myself to be completely finished by the time they announced Best Picture. Most of the time I succeeded, but only in the years when the telecast was close to 4 hours long.

I'm not a numbers person and I hate math and I always felt like if the government would get it right the first time, none of us would have to do taxes. Ever.  Luckily, these days I have an accountant to do the numbers work for me now.  It's totally worth it.  Taxes make me irritable.  

This classic sketch from The Carol Burnett Show totally reminds me of the frustrating, confusing years when I did my own taxes.  It also reminds me of my grandfather.  At our cabin, he had a poster on the wall that simply said:  "All I want is a little peace and quiet."  

To everyone in the good ol' U.S., good luck filing your taxes.  There's still over a month left before the deadline!    

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