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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Latest Celebrity Tizzy: Rosie Vs. Lindsay

I've always found Rosie O'Donnell to be annoying.  She was barely tolerable in A League Of Their Own and she nearly ruined Beautiful Girls, one of my favorite movies.  Her talk show gave me yet another reason to switch the channel.  Yet, this week she got a tiny thread of respect from me for her rant about the oddly unfortunate miscasting of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.  I hate to admit it, but this time around, I couldn't agree with Rosie more.

At first I thought it was a joke.  Then, I read it in The Hollywood Reporter, and I thought "Uh-oh, this is for real."  Lindsay Lohan, according to multiple sources, is set to star as Taylor in Lifetime's biopic, "Liz And Dick."  Now, true, Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor both have had tumultuous careers filled with tabloid fodder and personal turmoil.  However, Elizabeth Taylor was an iconic actress of a classic era.  Her unbelievable beauty,  those violet eyes and that rash of dark hair, mesmerized audiences worldwide.

[My own father, along with troves of men, had the hots for her.  Not long after National Velvet, when she was still a child actress, he wrote her a fan letter.  Still very much a boy himself at the time, he was elated when he received an autographed photo of her in the mail.]

Lindsay, however, is the antithesis of all that is Taylor.  I believe in second chances-- I do.  I believe that Lindsay could turn things around.  In fact, I'd love to see that happen.  Making an appearance on Glee is a good start.  Taking a flying leap into a major, iconic role like playing Elizabeth Taylor is not.  It's a risk that, in my opinion, she can't afford.  Lifetime, the network in charge of production on "Liz And Dick," probably don't care:

Controversy + Interest  =  RATINGS.

With the pool of young, talented actresses-- even unknowns (!) I believe there's a woman out there that could depict Elizabeth Taylor, both realistically and respectfully.  In fact, a talented unknown with acting chops and an ability to immerse herself in the role could very well be the best option. 

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor makes Katie Holmes' casting as Jackie Onassis  in The Kennedys seem like a good idea.  

RE: Lindsay Lohan Cast As Elizabeth Taylor
[Two of my favorite rants & responses from other web users on The Hollywood Reporter's website]

"I just threw up in my mouth at the notion of Lohan playing a woman of such tremendous dedication..."

"Are you KIDDING ME?????!!!!!  This is a disgraceful insult to Elizabeth Taylor to the fullest extent!!!!!..."

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