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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Final Draft is in... La Dolce Vita!!! The Strike Is OVER!


After a 100-days (and many overdraft checks written by unemployed writers and crew members,) the WGA WRITER'S STRIKE IS OFFICIALLY OVER!!!!!

I'm gonna do a cartwheel now... after I'm done blogging. YEAH!!

Plus, YES...Virginia, there will be an Academy Awards ~ an 80th celebration at that!

(Yo, Grammys... the WGA gave you a waiver and all, but at 50, the Academy Awards have still got you waaaay beat!)

New York Times Feed~ The Writer's Strike:

Hollywood's writers made it official, ending their bitterly
fought strike at the 100-day mark by an overwhelming margin.
Of 3,775 writers who cast ballots, 92.5 percent voted in
favor of ending the strike.

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