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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good Food Deserves Fan Mail

Playing With My Food
While Writing Fan Mail...
(And Why Deprivations Across Borders Are Good Boosts For Tourism)

I also write fan mail to products I like and companies I think are doing "good" like Luna bars, for instance, and Gardenburger and Newman's Own products and the yummy goodness of 8th Continent Soy Milk. To prove it, here are some of my letters penned during bouts of boredom:

Dear 8th Continent,

I was (at first) reluctant to spend more on your soy milk, but with a coupon I gave it a shot. Now? Coupon or no coupon...There's no going back, your soy milk (light vanilla is my favorite) is far superior to Silk and other brands I've tried...great to drink on its own, over cereal, or whipped up in the blender. I'm the only soy drinker in the house, so...does your soy milk come in smaller cartons? I'm always trying to guzzle it in the last few days of the 7-10 day mark after the carton's been open... Otherwise, just writing to say THANKS. You give soy milk a good name (& taste!)
A Note Of Thanks (From 8th Continent)
Thank you for contacting 8th Continent regarding 8th Continent soymilk. It was kind of you to share your thoughts, and you have brightened our day.

There is a great deal of time and effort involved in developing our various products, promotions and cookbooks. We will be sure to share your thoughts with the appropriate individuals.

Additionally, 8th Continent soymilk is only available in a 64 oz bottle. We have forwarded your suggestion regarding a smaller bottle to our product specialists for review.

We appreciate your loyalty and hope you will continue to choose our products.


Consumer Services - 8th Continent
An Open Love Letter To A Garden Variety Burger

Originally from Nebraska, I gave up red meat back when I was about 12. Slyly swapping my meat for my brother's veggies in an all carnivore family worked out great for my brother and I, but it was starting to get a little suspicious. And turning down BEEF in Nebraska was just as bad as admitting I don't like football (which I don't, by the way.)

In comes Gardenburger, my savior, after countless BBQs of adolescent past where I was reduced to eating hamburger buns and pickles when others feasted on hotdogs and cheeseburgers, right off the grill.

Gardenburger helps me defuse comments from people, like my grandmother, who, as she saws through her NY strip, always shakes her head, and tells me, "You just don't know what your missing..."

After all these years, I'm not missing anything, I'm gaining good eats like the variety I get from Gardenburger and a mostly vegetarian diet. So, thanks Gardenburger for adding some protein that even meat-eaters can't make fun of (like To-furky, for instance.)

Sometimes, I write fan mail that's intermixed with my whining about things like product availability. For instance, Cadbury:

I was blown away by the sheer variety of Cadbury products while I was on a recent trip to New Zealand. Cadbury makes hot cocoa powder? Cake mix? Bazillions of different chocolate bars? I thought they just made those fruit and nut milky bars and Cadbury Creme eggs with the odd yolky confection in the middle. It was like I'd entered a Wonkaville of awe and wonder. My first wonder being, "Why don't we get this level of Cadbury love in good ol' USA?"

Upon a little investigation, I discovered that...Hmm...Cadbury's agent in the U.S.A. is Hershey. So while Hershey's acts like the Hollywood Power Agent of American chocolate companies with its American products being well-represented on American grocery shelves in all shapes and sizes, from milk chocolates to darks and coconut to fruit, there's a definite lack of presence for their U.K.-based client, The Royal Cadbury.

Now I love a decent Hershey's Dark just like the next person, but I felt it was time our Cacao Englishman, stepped up to the plate. Why should he continue to be just the Cadbury Caddy while the American chocolatier golfs?

So after writing to Cadbury's Corporate Offices to express my disappointment, I was comforted in the fact that a lad named Charlie, which I imagined just like the Charlie of Cadbury Wonkaville, took time out from his post in their U.K. corporate offices to hear me out and-- so very politely-- respond to my enquiry.

Why should Europe and the the South Pacific get all the good Cadbury stuff, while we get the gushy, eggy Mcmuffin yolks of their leftovers? Egg on my face again...

Don't even get my started on RJ's Awesome natural licorice from New Zealand...The Kiwis? They're keeping the good licorice to themselves. Yup, Americans are left with the staleness of Twizzlers and Red Vines while dreams of the smooshy, soft RJ's dance in our heads. Why didn't I buy more???

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