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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Excerpt from Mishaps & Nebraska Mementos

Mishaps and Nebraska Mementos
(An excerpt, full article available here)

By Kendra Liedle

Sometimes you have to leave a place to really appreciated the things that make it special. Most of the time, the things you discover, and ultimately miss, are some of the simplest things in life.

I miss the autumn leaves, the first snow of the year, thunderstorms, the big sky, the clean air, the cornfields and the open spaces. I like the fact that there is only one freeway and that it isn’t even a freeway at all. To Nebraskans, it’s just I-80. I miss the electricity in the air during tornado warnings. I miss basements. For me, only by leaving and coming back to Nebraska could I experience all of these things and more with a child’s sense of wonderment.

I now realize that Nebraska – that sense of place and experience cannot be captured, packaged up, and tied with a bow. Maybe that’s what keeps bringing me back.

KL, Copyright 2007, Nebraska Life Magazine

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