This is an ever-evolving story of a girl writer and her two greatest loves, the movies and travel. As she hikes the trenches of Hollywood, you're brought along for the ride.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The First Dose Of Cocoa And Caffeine....

First and foremost, I'm both a writer and a creator. I would be the first to admit that I'm eccentrically creative. Give me some scraps of paper, a pinecone, some paint, glitter, stickers, and a felt-tip pen, and you never know what you might get. As a creative person, I constantly need outlets for all my artistic and literary ideas. It occurred to me recently that I can no longer ignore the blogosphere and new media of these days. This is my new venture!

This blog is for all of you who have the courage to pursue what you wanted to do as a kid and for those of you who need the encouragement to pursue that dream-- whatever it might be. There's always time. For me, that dream was writing, creating, traveling, and "working in the movies." It's a tough, continually-evolving dream, but I've already succeeded because I'm doing it. The scariest part of the unknown is taking that first step...

So, perk up with some cocoa (my favorite) and some caffeine (your choice) and I'll take you on my journey from the prairies and cornfields of Nebraska, where I grew up, to the fast and furious, urbanized film mecca of Los Angeles where I hike the Hollywood trenches every day. May my journey bring you the courage ( and the realities) to pursue your own enchanted journey.

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